Mistakes I used to do as a iOS programmer


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I've worked 3 years within the Sustained Engineering Team at Fiserv, a mobile banking company based in New Zealand. Even with 4 years of experience under my belt, I was amazed about the things I actually didn't know and over the time I realized there were a lot of small things I was doing totally wrong.

What I'm about to write is not the holy truth and I might not cover everything but I hope by sharing my amusing own experience, you'll avoid my mistakes.

Getting comfortable

I worked on a Stat tracking app on iPad, called StatEdge. The whole idea of the app was to track numbers, save it locally and being able to synchronize with a distant database.
Because in the past I wasn't used to work with CoreData but a sqlite3 database, I decided to stick to it ; needless to say it was a pure nightmare. The client needs changed every day and so was the database structure. At that time, Parse was still recent, and I never heard of Couchbase and other NoSql solutions yet.

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