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Halloween Map


Introducing Halloween Map

Find the coolest DIY haunts in your area.  Join the community and turn Halloween up to 13

- Find trick or treat locations by searching
- Tap locations for information/rating and photos
- Add new trick or treat location by searching your address
- Take photos or add from Library
- Edit photos and add stickers / crop / type text/ draw
- Share to social media


Halloween Upgraded

My family moved into a new home and for a few Halloweens we saw only a few trick or treaters.  Our children were disappointed with the vibe as very few neighbors seemed to participate.  As we met others in our area, they described a very different Halloween with hundreds of happy people and plenty of DIY haunted houses.

The secret?  This was a five blocks away ..  and well .. how would one know?

Sagan One is working to deliver the best Halloween experience you can get for free.  There are plenty of apps that will give you information on paid haunted adventures - but no other app  will give you and your family the opportunity to enjoy all your local community has to offer on Halloween.

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